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Bloggers’ Imperative


Bloggers’ Choice

I submitted to American Chronicle a few minutes ago my article ‘Primate Change? Or Climate Change? You Choose! – The Blogal Village Voice.’ I am convinced that if a critical mass of bloggers blog about what can be done to mitigate global warming, the Internet would have proven to one and all that the Global Village is alive and well.

I rather think that it is the Bloggers’ Imperative is in essence unlike that of the Territorial Imperative pointed out and defined by American playwright / anthropologist Robert Ardrey. It’s like this, in the words of Serge Kahili King (2001,

The territorial imperative for humans seems to be to expand one’s physical, social or psychic territory, and denying all territory is the same as claiming all territory. Assuming this to be so, what is your territorial imperative? What can you focus on that will stir you to your bones, fill your life with purpose. Can you create that effect by your will? It would seem that you would have to if nothing stirs you on its own. A good direction might be to carry on and intensify something you have already begun, i.e., to make that something into your territorial imperative. To identify with it, increase it and expand it, to focus on it intensely and energize that focus with all your love, power and skill, who knows what amazing things might result?

The exercise of the Blogger’s Imperative (singular) is exactly that, very personal, self-seeking, self-fulfilling. The Blogger thinks he can stand alone, live on his own merit. The ‘amazing things’ that result are his rewards for his exercise. He does not recognize that his exercise of his territorial imperative is limited by the exercise of the territorial imperative of others.

I have a different proposition: the Bloggers’ Imperative (plural), and it is to expand not one’s personal territory but to expand influence in common with others. To exercise the Bloggers’ Imperative is not to claim all territory, not even to claim influence but to exert influence. With the common exertion, there is the higher likelihood that the influence will take root and grow. That growth will then fill many lives with a common purpose. If that influence is intensified, it will have a multiplier effect on more people. Who knows what amazing things might result?